XXI. Done but not Over

by valerie shultz

July 26, 2011

0805 hours

I am home.  It was weird to wake up in the quiet of my own home, and not in a parish house full of people.  But I adore waking up next to my own children, having had a very sweet reunion with them last night.  All of my fears of a rough transition were unfounded.

My journey is officially done, but the experience is not over.  I know I have learned much from this trip; probably even more than I realize now.  The experience was fulfilling and enlightening.  I know I grew in my faith, and no doubt I grew as a woman, a mom and an educator.  I say the experience is not over because I think I will continue to reflect on this and learn from this for a long time to come.  Different things strike me at different times.  My ability to pray aloud with Joanna without self-consciousness or resistant was profound, but the time spent with the children was extremely rewarding.  The new friends I made filled my heart just as the children, the culture, the beautiful churches and constant music filled my soul, without end.

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