XVI. Glass and Organs

by valerie shultz

July 22, 2011

2143 hours

After camp was over today we went on an excursion with the kids.  It was a very interesting excursion, because it involved walking five kilometers in freezing rain.  Well, for some people it did.  Court, Karen, Ethan and Jeremy made the walk with the children.  Kuba gave me a ride because I was wearing flip flops and had my camera, and Pastor Dave begrudgingly agreed to ride because the walk would have been too hard on his back, and Carol and Toni rode with him in Pastor Sebastian’s car.

We first walked into the shop at the glass factory, which was about six feet wide and maybe thirty feet deep.  That didn’t stop more than two dozen people from going in at one time.  They had a lot of neat creations in there, but nothing that screamed that it needed to come home with me.  We made our way out to the work shop and watched the glass blowers work for awhile, while we listened in Polish to explanations of what they were doing.  Or so I assume.  For all I know they could have spent the entire time talking about all the crazy blue Americans in the room.

Karen got to go to the work area and make a flower out of glass.  It was a very neat experience just watching her, so I can imagine how special that must have been for her.  Tomorrow she will get the flower she created to take home with her.  I loved that she got to do that.

We got back to the camp and had cakes for snacks and then Joanna let us know she had called our taxi early today.  Maybe we really were being too blue.  Really, I think, the children were just extra tired after walking so far after being cooped up for three days because of the rain.  There has been no reprieve from the freezing wet stuff that I am so unaccustomed to.  I loved it the first two days.  Now I am tired of it and want to see the sun again.

Back at the parish house, Joanna brought us several types of Polish beer to taste.  There was a knock at the door and we heard English on the other side.  Some Germans were visiting and wanted to know what time service was in the morning on Sunday.  Right after that, another man came to the door.  It turns out he is the best organist in the region and is in town to play a special concert here on Sunday.  He offered to do a special private concert for us.

We walked to the church and listened to him play.  It was a very special moment.  We stayed for a little while and then returned to what we have started calling home.  I was sitting on my bed, ready to start doing homework, when Joanna came and sat next to me and asked if she could show me something.  The other day we were talking and she told me about her cousin and how much they had in common with their ages, their babies, and their husbands.  She wanted to show me a picture of her and her cousin, and both of them were holding their babies.  Their babies are only three weeks apart and look as much alike as Joanna and her cousin do.  I was very touched to have that moment with Joanna.  I am truly going to miss her when I leave.

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