XI. Courtney Hits Low

by valerie shultz

July 19, 2011

0635 hours

I’ve been awake since just before five, but woke up with a fierce headache.  I have been laying in bed, hoping to fall back asleep or hoping for time to hurry up so we can get on with our day.  It finally is late enough that I feel like I can sneak out of bed and grab my make-up to start putting it on while I wait for Courtney and Karen to wake up.

I sit back down with the quilt over my lap and put on my mascara.  I see Courtney start to roll over, thinking she is awake and is getting out of bed.  She isn’t awake, but she gets out of bed.  She rolled over and fell out of bed.  Instantly she starts laughing.  And I start laughing.  And we laugh and laugh.  I have to redo my mascara now.  I laughed it all away!

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