VII. Can’t Sleep Past Six

by valerie shultz

July 16, 2011

0621 hours

I’ve been awake since 0455 hours.  My alarm didn’t go off.  I didn’t need to be up yet.  There was no one making noise.  I was just awake.  Yesterday at breakfast I mentioned I was worried about sleeping in too late because my alarm clock (better known as a phone in the states but it doesn’t function as such here) had died and I’d been unable to charge it for lack of an adapter.

When I said that, Jeremy said, “Don’t worry.  You can’t sleep past six here anyway.”

Hmph, I thought.  He doesn’t know me all that well yet.  I’m lucky if I get to sleep by four o’clock in the morning most days, so I’m certainly not up at six.  Not voluntarily anyway.

But here I am.  I can’t sleep past six.  I think Jeremy cursed me.  Freakin’ Jeremy.

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